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My name is Tarika Blizzard, amateur genealogist, historian, writer and Spoken Word artist.
Below is my Great Great Great Grandmother, "Delia" Jenkins.

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Cordelia Ann Jones Blizzard Jenkins with her Blizzard sons:
Albert (seated), Robert (rear left), and Willis Waverly Blizzard (rear right)
Marriage Register 1853 to 1940 Surry County: Page 12, Line 6, August 4, 1871
Henry Blizzard, 28, a farmer married C. A. Jones, 21 both previously single and of Surry County, born and residing.
Parents: W and M Blizzard / R Spratley and M Jones
J W Ward performed the ceremony

Delia Jenkins Born March 1852 died May 1939 The Lord is My Shepherd

We are Blizzard,Bailey, Dillard, Mosley, Gilchrist, Johns, Jenkins, Charity, Ellis, Scott. We are Nottoway with African and Scott-Irish blood still dwelling on our own lands in what are now called Surry County, Charles City, Isle of Wight, Smithfield, Hampton, and Newport News, Virginia, Ohio, New York, and Canada.


Odds and Ends The parents of Cora Lee Bailey Blizzard were Rosabelle (maiden?) and Eldridge Bailey (pictured). Eldridge Bailey's siblings were James Cinue Bailey (pictured), Richard Bailey, Nancy Bailey, Cora Lee Bailey (sister not daughter), Clara Jane Bailey, George Bailey, and Lee Oliver Bailey.

Children of Willie Blizzard and Aretha Frances Wooden Blizzard: Willie Martin, Melvin Haywood, Gladys Celestin, Waverly, Robert Milton, Gloria Frances, and Virginia Gale Blizzard

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My Maternal Line: Allen, Capers, Paramore in Apalachicola and Tallahassee Florida, Lima, Ohio, Princess Anne, Maryland, West Indies, Hampton and Williamsburg, Virginia and others

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(b.=born, m.=married, d.=died)

Sarah Blizzard b. 1739 was the mother of Peter Blizzard b. 1760,
Peter Blizzard m. Mary Charity m.30 Sept 1791,
They were the parents of W Blizzard b.1802,
W Blizzard m. Martha (maiden unknown),
They were the parents of Henry Blizzard b. about 1842,
Henry Blizzard married Cordelia Ann Jones b.1852,
They were the parents of Willie Waverly Blizzard b.1877,
Willie Waverly Blizzard m. Annie Dillard,
They were the parents of Jesse Blizzard,
Jesse Lee Blizzard m. Cora Lee Bailey,
They were the parents of Roosevelt Blizzard,
Roosevelt Blizzard m. Gertrude Blizzard,
They were the parents of Lawrence Blizzard b. 1955,
Lawrence Blizzard m. Sandra A Allen b. 1955,
They were the parents of myself, Tarika Blizzard b. 1973

Kizzie Lee Blizzard (Brice) and my father Lawrence Terrell Blizzard

Annie Bell Blizzard (Brown) and my grandfather Roosevelt Lee Blizzard (Sr.)

My Great Grandfather Jesse Blizzard, Sr.

Photo and grave of my Great Great Grandfather Willis Waverly Blizzard born April 10, 1877 died January 22, 1939

My Great Great Great Grandmother Cordelia Ann Jones Blizzard Jenkins (Known as Delia) born March 1852 and died in May 1939.


My Great Grandmother Cora (Bailey) Blizzard and her son (my Great Uncle) Jesse Blizzard, Jr. (Cora's grave)

My Great Great Grandfather Eldridge Bailey 1876 - 1973 and his granddaughter Eunice Elliot

My Great Great Great Grandfather was Mondoza Bailey, born in 1851. His wife, my Great Great Great Grandmother, was Mollie, born in 1858.

My Great Great Great Great Grandfather was Eldridge Bailey, born in...

Where did it all begin?

From the Bailey Family Reunion Bulletin:
"Nicholas Scott, was born about 1750. Oral history says his people were from the Scotland Islands. His ancestors may have been descendants of the Scotch-Irish Europeans, who were brought over as indentured servants following their religious persecution. He married or cohabitated with a mulatto who bore him at least eight children...
Betsy Blizard was born about 1790 in Surry County, Virginia. Oral history reports that she bore a daughter named Lucinda by an "Indian" before marrying James Ruff on March 23, 1823. James and Betsy are listed as mulatto...
Lucinda Ruff was born about 1815 in Surry County. She was reared by her mother Betsy and step-father James Ruff...
Mollie Flowers was born in Surry County on September 17, 1854 and married Mondoza Bailey. They reared seven children....Mollie Flowers died August 10, 1932...
Mondoza Bailey was born in Surry County on April 29, 1850 and died March 21, 1934. Oral history reports that his people were not from Surry County... The name Mondoza could be the same as Mendoza, a popular surname in areas settled by the Spanish (Mexico or Barbados, etc.)..."

My Great Great Uncle James Cinue Bailey 1/5/1886 and Great Great Aunt Rosa Etta Johns Bailey


My Great Uncle Jesse Blizzard, Jr.

My Grandfather Roosevelt With Work Crew in Hampton, Virginia (center in dark shirt and pants)

Joseph H. Jenkins and Annie Bailey
Joseph H Jenkins was the son of Delia Blizzard Jenkins and William Jenkins
Thanks Danny!

Eunice(Blizzard)Elliot, daughter of
Cora Lee (Bailey) Blizzard and Jesse Blizzard, Sr. and Wife of William Elliot.

Eunice (Blizzard) Elliot and husband William Elliot with Gertrude (MacIntyre) Blizzard

Shirley "Bug" Blizzard

James Flowers

Robert Lee Slade (first cousin of Eldridge Bailey) and wife Gertrude Slade
Roosevelt Lee Blizzard, Sr. and wife Gertrude Mabel (MacIntyre) Blizzard

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J William Jenkins Born March 1841 died May 1932 Here Stores My Soul

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