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dhtml changing circle


25. may:Added a script. I know I havent updated as frequently as i should lately but I am working on a totally new design and that should be up next week. I am also currently working on a dhtml site for a client and i'll post the url as soon as i finish.
1. may:Added 2 script's

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W e l c o m e   t o   m y   D H T M L   s e c t i o n

D e m o s

S c r i p t s

b r a t t a . c o m   m e n u

I am using this section to explore and experiment with different Dynamic HTML-features. I will also try to share some of my knowledge of DHTML as I learn more. You can already find find a few small "how to's" and Javascripts in the scripts section.

If you are here but have no idea what DHTML is try the links section, you find lots of explanations on the pages there.

Everything here is tested on IE4.0 and Netscape4.3 (I have only tested on WinNT and Win95). If you however get any errors anywhere please let me know.

Please do not steal anything from this site as everything is copyrighted to me. It's ok to use parts of the code, just don't take entire pages and leave the graphics. (the scripts section are of course excluded from this)

I hope you enjoy your stay. I will try and update as often as possible.

I will try to present a new crossbrowser demo at least once a week. Too show that it is possible to make crossbrowser pages/scripts! :-)

Some incredible demos I made:

ie4Demo - A demo on different ie4 features, if you have ie4 you should really check it out. Ok i agree, its not crossbrowser but its pretty cool.

The old index page - My previous index page..I change these pretty often.

The oldest index page - Same effect with background as the old page, and have another menu and some other stuff. Made in Dreamveaver.

Useless random stuff - This is obviously a useless random thingy, but its a little funny..

Menu - This includes some frames scripting and layers and some small examples on other dhtml stuff, really cool.

Crossbrowser game (beta) - this will only work any good if you have a pentium 166 with 64mb ram or something like that

Animation - A animation thing that i made in Dreamweaver

Advanced startmenu thing - This takes some time to download but is a menu that works like the start-menu in Win95/NT

Here i have a few small "How to's" on different DHTML-features. You will also find some scripts that i made that really don't need any big explanation. The explanation will then be in the source. These are all crossbrowser.

Stylechange - Changes the style on the links onmouseover, crossbrowser.

Imagemapscroll - This is like controlling text except it changes speed on mouseover on a imagemap. (like the one at this page)

Controlling text - Scrolling up and down text, different speeds.

News tickert - This is like the 2 above only it slides automaticly, like the one on my frontpage. - NEW -

Background changing - This is a little script that changes the background in a div when you mouseover it. (placed in tables for 3.x browser..)

Zoomtext! - This rocks, at least i think so, it zoomes and fades/change colors on text crossbrowser!!!.

Zoomtextreverse! - Same thing as the zoomtext only it doesn't fade and zooms the other way.

Changetext - This is pretty cool too, it changes text when you mouseover, crossbrowser!.

Menu - A great moving up and down menu, to take home!

Menu2 - Same as above only from side to side.

Loading.... -how to make a loading page, like the one i had on my old dhtml page only better

Showhide - Just a little example of showing and hiding layers.

Slidetext -A sliding text thing..

More coming.....

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