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Tarika's Hang Suite

Light a candle You ARE the bomb! You are Special. You have a Divine essence. Treat yourself well. "Remember your Ancient Properties"


"From Little Acorns Sprout Mighty Oaks"

Tarika's 2001 Affirmations
I Affirm...

1. To Be Kind To Everyone Even In Conflict
2. To Have A Smile On My Face More Often Than Not
3. To Laugh Daily
4. To Live by my words, and follow the Word
5. To Set a Healthy Example
6. To Give Back to my Own Family
7. To Cultivate My Talents
8. To Put My All Into My Actions
9. To Light Scented Candles Weekly
10. To Not Sweat The Small Stuff.

What Guides You?

What is Truth?
God is Truth.
What do you Believe?
God gave His only Son so that Those Who Believe in Him Shall Have Eternal Life. By His Stripes I am Healed.
What is your Purpose?
God's Will.