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Bacon's Castle Church & sign leading to Bacon's Castle from Rt 10
Delia and her Blizzard Sons!

Cordelia Ann Jones Blizzard Jenkins with her Blizzard sons: Albert (seated), Robert (rear left), and Willis Waverly Blizzard (rear right)
Marriage Register 1853 to 1940 Surry County: Page 12 Line 6
August 4, 1871
Henry Blizzard, 28, a farmer married C. A. Jones, 21 both previously single and of Surry County, born and residing. Parents: W and M Blizzard / R Spratley and M Jones
J W Ward performed the ceremony

Delia Jenkins Born March 1852 died May 1939 The Lord is My Shepard

J William Jenkins Born March 1841 died May 1932 Here Stores My Soul

Willis Waverly Blizzard born April 10, 1877 died January 22, 1939


Tarika Blizzard

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Annie Bell Blizzard (Brown) and Roosevelt Lee Blizzard (Sr.)

Kizzie Lee Blizzard (Brice) and Lawrence Terrell Blizzard

James Cinue Bailey 1/5/1886 and Rosa Etta Johns Bailey

Jesse Blizzard, Sr.

Jesse Blizzard, Jr.

Roosevelt With Work Crew? Hampton, Virginia (center in dark shirt and pants)

Joseph H. Jenkins and Annie Bailey
Joseph H Jenkins was the son of Delia Blizzard Jenkins and William Jenkins
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Eunice(Blizzard)Elliot, daughter of
Cora Lee (Bailey) Blizzard and Jesse Blizzard, Sr. and Wife of William Elliot.

Eunice (Blizzard) Elliot and husband William Elliot with Gertrude (MacIntyre) Blizzard

Cora (Bailey) Blizzard and son Jesse Blizzard, Jr.

Shirley "Bub" Blizzard

Eldridge Bailey 1876 - 1973 and Eunice (Blizzard) Elliot

James Flowers

Robert Lee Slade (first cousin of Eldridge Bailey) and wife Gertrude Slade
Roosevelt Lee Blizzard, Sr. and wife Gertrude Mabel (MacIntyre) Blizzard

Photographs from Cemetaries in Surry County, Virginia / Dendron. Ellis Cemetary off of Salisbury Road, St. Paul Cemetary, and the family plot behind the Gilchrist home.

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