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"To grow mature is to separate more distinctly; to connect more closely"
- Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, poet

Love feels good, inside and out. Start with a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. We have already been "raised" by our parents and guardians. You can't re-train anyone. Find someone who is already where they are supposed to be instead of trying to mold someone into the perfect mate. We are already adults and have a right to be the person that we want to be. Want to talk about it? Just ASK.

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remember your ancient properties. . .

Remember Your Ancient Properties.

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Word of Mouth
Don't Waste Your Time "Hating" On Others.
Even If They Did Something To YOU, You Still Only End Up Looking

Things That You Condemn Others For Will Always Happen To You Or Effect You In Some Way Eventually. Never Say Never. You May Have To Eat Your Words.

People should learn to listen instead of just waiting their turn to speak.

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Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has had something happen to them at some time in their life. You can not merely look at a person and judge them. You are caged by the limits of your vision. . . by what that person chooses to tell you. I believe that my story is worth telling.
I give honor to God for my constant healing.