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Isiah Dillard died intestate about 1933 and was survived by his wife, Mable Dillard, now deceased. I. Annie Blizzard, died intestate on Dec 17, 1968 and was survived by the following children: Estelle Clayton
Clinton Blizzard
Willie Blizzard
Earnest Blizzard
Bossie Blizzard
Jessie Blizzard, who died intestate in 1974 and was survived by his wife Cora Blizzard, now deceased, and nine children
Roosevelt Lee Blizzard
Willy W Blizzard
Clifton Lee Blizzard
Jessie Blizzard
Shirley Freeman Blizzard (mr.)
Annie Bell Blizzard Brown
Eunice Blizzard Elliot
Irene (Doll Baby) Blizzard Hughes
Marjorie Blizzard Stephenson

II. Neili Bailey (date?) died intestate and was survived by
Arthur Bailey who died intestate January 1958 and was survived by his wife Maggie Bailey and the follwoing children:
Willie L Bailey
Rosa Lee Bailey
Milton O Bailey
Cora A Bailey
Margaret Lee Bailey
Mary Lou Bailey
Walter L Bailey
Annie Mae Bailey Bowser who died intestate on Jan 1, 1993 survived by her husband Linwood Bowser and five chilcren, all of whom are the children of Annie Mae Bowser
Cora Wilson
Robert Bailey
Milton Bailey who died intestate and was survived by his son Milton Linwood Bailey
Wilson Bailey
to be continued... my hands are tired