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Tarika Blizzard b. to Sandra Augusta Allen Blizzard and Lawrence Terrell Blizzard
Lawrence Terrell Blizzard b. to Gertrude Mabel MacIntyre Blizzard and Roosevelt Lee Blizzard, Sr. (d. 2-2000)
Roosevelt Lee Blizzard, Sr. b. to Cora Lee Bailey Blizzard and Jesse Blizzard (Sr.) .
Jesse Blizzard Sr.) b. to Willie Waverly Blizzard and Annie Dillard.
Willie Waverly Blizzard b. to John Henry Blizzard and Cordelia Ann Jones Blizzard Jenkins(Thanks for her maiden name to Al "TJ" Johns!). 'Delia' remarried after Henry Blizzard's death to William Jenkins.

My siblings are Lauren Lea Blizzard and Aaron Emmanual Blizzard. The mother of Lauren and Aaron is Karen Buch Blizzard.

Siblings of Lawrence Blizzard are Roosevelt Blizzard, Jr., GiGi Blizzard Blunt, Willie Blizzard, David Blizzard, Bermadine Blizzard Phillips, Kizzie Blizzard Brice, Alice Blizzard, Ted Blizzard, and Marnica Blizzard Logan.

Siblings of Roosevelt Blizzard, Sr. are Irene (Doll), Shirley (Bub/Bud), Clifton (d.2001), Eunice and Ernest (twins), Annie Bell, Marjorie, Jesse Jr. (d. 2001) and Willis

Siblings of Jesse Lee Blizzard are Willie -b. 9 Sep 1903 - 29 Jun 1995 (wife Aretha Wooden Howell Blizzard), Bossie (m. Edith), Ernest, Clinton -June 12, 1916 - May 7, 2001 (m. Prudence J.), and Estelle.

Siblings of Willie (Willis) Waverly Blizzard (m. Annie) are Robert Blizzard, Albert Blizzard (married Marinda Byrd), Amanda Blizzard(Byrd), Alpha {Afra} Jenkins (Gilchrist)(1882-1942) (married John Henry Gilchrist/Uncle Johnnie 1875 - 1956), Joseph Jenkins, Eva Jenkins and Maria Jenkins. These are 'Delia's' children. The fathers are Henry Blizzard and upon his death, William James Jenkins (originally from Mississippi).

The parents of Henry Blizzard, from the 1860 Surry Census are "Wilson, 58 and Martha, 55. Their children: Henry, 18, farmer, John, 14, Patsy, 12, Jane, 10, Thadeus, 2"