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Don't sleep on the power of dreams! Many dreams relate directly to your future or your past. It is natural to dream about what is happening around you, yet realize the power within these visions. Dreams can be explanatory of life's deepest secrets or one's basest desires. What kind of dreams do you have? Do you dream in color? Do you dream deep in resting or right before you wake?

DECEMBER 15, 2000

I dreamed some robbers were after me, but they looked like old winos, sitting up in the house with Grandma Allen playing cards, so I ran to the corner house to their shed and waited it out. Brandi Norwood (Moesha) came in there to meet a boy and she was kissing him while I was hiding behind the door. She didn't see me. I could run really fast, and I remember running through the field behind the homes of the people who live across the street from Grandma Allen. The robbers were after me and they had guns. I can't remember what they wanted.

NOVEMBER 25, 2000

A white couple were rummaging through my garbage can in front yard, and they had a baby with them. The man didn't say much to me, but the woman gave me the baby boy. I took him inside on my couch and cleaned him with wipes. He was very dirty and had a bad case of thrush. My mother was sitting in the chair. We both agreed that he was not well taken care of. I continued to clean him. He was cute and laughed often. He was a biracial child or light skinned african american child. I was going to clothe him in some old baby clothes from the closet. His parents came back to get him, and I told them that I would have clothes for him later. They had to take the baby to their parents home. They came back by with the baby in too small clothes. They asked for the clothes I had but those weren't ready yet. I told them tomorrow. Next scene, I realized I was late for work. Was supposed to be there at 3pm but it was now 4:30pm. However when I contacted work, I had already been replaced. No one missed me, even though I never called in. They knew that I would be out. Oddly, I was floating in the background looking at the computers, and I saw that everyone was there working right on schedule, without me. They couldn't see me. Next scene, at Grandmother's house hugging my cousin. He hugged me close and lifted me up off of the floor. Grandma said she wanted to talk to me. I asked her "What?" and she said my granddaddy was outside. (both grandfathers are dead by the way). I asked if it was her husband but she said no, the grandfather from my mother's side of the family. When I went outside both grandfathers were there. The one she spoke of stood by a table near the tree and garbage can. The other was parking a creme chrysler lebaron the wrong way on the street. (the top was down) I went to the Grandfather by the tree and introduced myself as his granddaughter that he never got to know. I fell to my knees and hugged him. He reached down and hugged me too. My mom and her boyfriend were at a long table. We walked over to them and they got up. Mom said "daddy, this is my daughter born after you died, and this is my friend". Next mom and I walked further back into the yard. My college advisor was there. I told her I wanted to return to school and she acted like she didn't know me. Then she said "this was Tarika, she was my advisee, such a sweet child. She WAS a a nice girl. She WAS (past tense!) such a sweet girl, so smart". She told me to sit down but never once addressed me going back to school. Moreso, she seemed to patronize the idea, as if I were dead and could never go back. A guy with braids sat a seat from me and he said if I was 100 pounds heavier with a "roll" I wouldn't be so "fine". I looked down at my body and I was very skinny. (I am not. My pants were low cut, and slipping below my hips. I tried to hide it. Next, my freshman college roommate was a nurse or doctor and walked by with my mother. She told my mother something about her diagnoses and my mother said "I knew this would happen". I knew that my mom was very sick. Then I woke up.
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