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Tarika's Front Door

Peace! I'm a Senior at Norfolk State University majoring in Speech Communication. After graduating, I plan to pursue a master's in Public Relations. Welcome to my world. This is my living room.

Tarika's Rec Room

If you can't reach me on the phone then I'm probably on the computer. There is only one phone line, and no dsl yet. Come in for a little while, but I cherish my private time. This is my room to chill in. I'll write a story, work on my poetry, or do a few curls. It's my world.

Tarika's Kitchen

Send me your favorite recipes. I keep plenty of herbal tea, no sugar but not too much soda or soft drinks, so you'll have to bring your own. If you want a veggie burger, look in the freezer. I don't have much but I'll share what I have.

Tarika's Yard
Its getting pretty cold for Virginia but what's better than a cool breezy day? Good for sleeping.

Well, I'm going inside. This weather is making me sleepy. Did you want to take a rest with me?My Dream Room

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Hampton, VA 23661
United States